General terms and conditions


The Buyer and the Seller agree that these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) define their business relations and supplement any Contract concluded by them (Purchase-Sales Contract or Contract for Work).

These GTC take effect by publishing them on the website.

Date of last publication: 12 August 2021


Orders through the site are allowed non-stop.

We process customer requests and delivered orders from Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 19.00. (CET)


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Business Register OSBAI, file: 76131 / B.
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The seller operates the site, where it offers its goods, services and products on request.


The Buyer is idividual or legal person who sent the Order for goods, services or products to the Seller.


The Buyer can select goods and services on the website, or order the creation of a work and send an Order to the Seller. He can cancel this by e-mail within two days of sending it.

The order delivered to the Seller is a proposal for concluding the Contract. The Seller shall immediately confirm the delivery of the order to the Buyer.
When sending the Order, the Buyer expresses informed consent to the GTC and the Processing of Personal Data. It also confirms that the Seller has acquainted him with § 3 par. 1 of Act no. 102/2014 Coll. on consumer protection.

Orders are non-binding and are processed during business hours.

The Seller is entitled to reject the Order if the Buyer has provided incorrect data, due to the unavailability of goods or services or if both do not agree on an alternative solution.


The Contract is any Purchase and Sale Contract, or a Contract for Work concluded with an Order for the creation of a work, the provision of services, or the delivery of goods.

The contract between the Seller and the Buyer will only be created by the Confirmation of the binding acceptance of the order, which the Seller will send to the Buyer by e-mail .

The contract must contain identification data, type, quantity and price of ordered goods and services, or description of the work, price and place of delivery, expected delivery date, chosen method of payment, as well as the total price together with the price of transport and business conditions.

The contract is concluded for a definite period, until all obligations of the contracting parties are fulfilled.

The Seller archives the Contract in electronic form for a period of six years and it is available to the Buyer upon request.


According to the Contract and applicable laws, the Seller is obliged to hand over the object of purchase to the Buyer and the Buyer is obliged to take it over and pay the agreed price for it.

If the Buyer does not take over or does not pay the purchase, the Seller is entitled to demand a contractual penalty of 20% and compensation for damage.

Payment of the contractual penalty does not terminate the Buyer’s obligation to pay the price in full.


The Buyer, who is a Consumer (Act on Consumer Protection No. 250/2007 Coll., § 2.a), has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving a reason within 14 days of receiving the goods.

The legal relations between the Seller and the Buyer, who state the ID number in the Order (it is considered that he is not the consumer, but the Business Partner), are governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code.

When exercising the right to withdraw from the Contract, the Buyer is obliged to inform the Seller by a clear written statement sent to the address of the Seller.

The Seller shall return to the Buyer all payments made in connection with the conclusion of the Contract within 14 days.

The Buyer will return the undamaged goods at his own expense to the Seller’s address.

The Buyer cannot withdraw from the contract:

  • if the service began to be performed with the consent of the Buyer before the expiry of the period for withdrawal from the contract,
  • for service according to the special requirements of the Buyer or goods intended specifically for one Buyer
  • if the goods are subject to rapid deterioration,
  • if the protective packaging of the goods, serving for the protection of health or hygienic purposes, is broken,
  • if, due to their nature, the goods may be inseparably mixed with other goods after delivery

Ordinary goods mean a real or digital object, whose properties, form and price are predetermined and are not tied to the person of the Buyer.

Delivery of ordinary goods can usually be made immediately. Delivery time is extended only by the actions necessary to deliver the goods to the Buyer. Delivery of the goods is paid at the latest at the time of its receipt by the Buyer.

Goods on request means a real or digital object, the quantity, properties, form and price of which are manufactured or modified according to the needs of the Buyer.

Delivery of goods on request usually requires their production. The delivery time is therefore extended by the actions necessary for the production and delivery of the goods to the Buyer. Delivery of goods on order is paid in advance.

The service is work honored at a set hourly rate, performed for the Buyer under agreed conditions at a certain time.

Delivery of the service will be fulfilled by the complete performance of this work, acts. The delivery time of the service may be extended by the time during which the Buyer does not resolve any obstacles in its implementation. The service is paid in advance.

A work of art is created on the basis of the Buyer’s requirements in the agreed quality and scope, at the agreed time and at the agreed price and is protected by copyright law. Creating a work of art usually requires the cooperation of the Buyer.

Delivery of the artwork will be done by its complete handover for use to the Buyer. The delivery time of the artwork may be extended by the time during which the Buyer does not provide the necessary information and cooperation. At least 50% of the price is paid in advance for the creation of the work of art.


The Buyer confirms the receipt of the object of purchase by signing the acceptance protocol or delivery note.

Ownership of the object of purchase passes to the Buyer by paying the agreed price immediately after its receipt. The risk of damage also passes to the Buyer together with ownership.

The rights to public use of the copyrighted work will be acquired after the transfer of the license from the Seller to the Buyer. The scope of these rights will be determined by the License.


The Buyer acknowledges that all stated delivery dates are only indicative.

In the event that the Seller is unable to deliver the object of purchase within the agreed period, it will notify the Buyer and propose the new expected delivery date.

In the event of an unforeseeable and unavoidable event that will prevent the performance of the Contract, the Seller has the right to reasonably extend the delivery period or withdraw from the Contract.

The Buyer may agree to extend the delivery period if the production of goods, delivery of the service, or creation of the work objectively requires it.

Delay in delivery does not give the Buyer the right not to accept the object of purchase.

Upon delivery of the object of purchase, the Buyer is obliged to check it and inform the Seller of any deficiencies.


All prices are in Euro without VAT. Multitalent company is not a VAT payer.

The seller reserves the right to change the prices of goods and services, the change does not apply to already confirmed orders.

The Seller undertakes to deliver the subject of purchase to the Buyer at the price valid at the time of order approval.

The Seller reserves the right to adjust the price according to the scope of services ordered by the Buyer.

By providing a deposit, the Buyer gives irrevocable consent to the Seller that the subject of purchase falls within the scope of goods defined in §12 paragraph 5 of Act No. 108/2000 Coll., and therefore the Buyer may not withdraw from the concluded contract.


Prior to the final conclusion of the Contract, the Buyer will be informed of the total price, including any additional fees.

The Buyer can pay the price:

  • immediately via an online payment service
  • immediately by credit card
  • within 3 days by transfer to the Seller’s account

For payment by transfer, the Seller will provide the Buyer with an Advance Invoice with a variable symbol.

The price is considered paid immediately after crediting the final amount to the Seller’s account.

In the case of exceeding the due date, the Seller will charge interest on arrears in accordance with the Commercial Code.


If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact us.

Return policy


Complaints are handled according to valid legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.

The Consumer has the right to claim a warranty from the Seller for 24 months from the date of receipt of the goods. During the complaint procedure, the warranty period is suspended.


The warranty does not cover defects in the goods that the Consumer accepted when purchasing the goods, or for which he has applied a discount.

The right to claim the warranty expires

  • in the case of failure to submit proof of payment, delivery note or warranty card, accessories or documentation of goods,
  • upon expiry of the warranty period of the goods,
  • in case of mechanical damage to the goods caused by the Consumer,
  • if the goods have been used in conditions for which they are not intended
  • in case of neglect of care of the goods
  • in the event of a natural disaster and force majeure..

The Consumer will send a complaint about the goods in the warranty with the indication of defects to the e-mail:

The Seller shall issue the Consumer a confirmation of the complaint and instruct him about his rights arising from §622 and §623 of the Civil Code.


The Seller will specify one of the ways of handling the complaint:

  • immediately
  • in more complex cases within 3 days,
  • in special cases within 30 days

Complaint handling may not take longer than 30 days. After the expiration of this period, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the Contract or has the right to exchange the goods.

The Seller is obliged to terminate the complaint procedure:

  • by handing over the repaired goods,
  • exchange of goods,
  • by returning the purchase price of the goods,
  • by paying a reasonable discount on the price of the goods,
  • a written offer to take over another compensation,,
  • by justified refusal of warranty claim of the goods.

If the complaint is approved, the Consumer will be refunded the amount he paid or will receive other compensation of the same amount upon agreement.

Return address

The Consumer is obliged to deliver the claimed goods to the following address:

90084 Kaplna 111 Slovakia


Complaints within 12 months from delivery may be rejected by the Seller only on the basis of expert judgment at his own expense.

Complaints after 12 months from delivery may be rejected by the Seller, but he is obliged to provide the Consumer with the contact to an expert for professional assessment. If expert assessment proves the responsibility of the Seller, the Consumer may complaint again.

The re-filed complaint cannot be rejected, in addition, the Seller will reimburse the Consumer for all purposefully incurred costs related to the professional assessment within 14 days.


If the Consumer is not satisfied with the result of the complaint, he can apply for redress. The Consumer has the right to initiate an alternative solution to his dispute, if the Seller does not respond to the request for redress within 30 days, or rejects it.


If the Consumer needs to exchange the goods for reasons other than product defects, for example due to unsatisfactory size, etc., he covers all the related costs.


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The Consumer can use the RSO platform, available at…


If you have any questions regarding the return policy, please contact us.