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Last updated: September 11, 2021

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Our rights

We may change the content of our site and the terms of its use at any time. We may restrict your access to our services and site content if your actions violate law, our rights, or our security.


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To provide our services, we may request your consent to collection of certain personal information to the necessary extent. The data provided by you will be securely processed in accordance with applicable laws. Personally identifiable information may include your name and email address or telephone number.

Your rights

We will be happy to make it easier for you to exercise your rights to information, to access, to rectification, to erasure, to restrict processing, to object to processing, to object to automated processing, to data portability,to lodge a complaint,right for the help of supervisory authority, right to withdraw consent.

  • You can set the range or reject cookies.
  • You can opt-out and remove your data from our lists.
  • You can request information about the processing of your personal data.
  • You can request the deletion and transfer of your personal data.
Your responsibilities

You may not copy and share the content of our site without our consent. You must not affect the operation of our site by malicious software.

Third parties

To the necessary extent, we use the services of reputable companies for marketing purposes, processing payments or sending e-mails. Get informed with their privacy policies.

Google –> Google safety
MailChimp –> MailChimp security
WooCommerce –> WooCommerce marketplace privacy
PayPal –> PayPal privacy

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Your browser automatically provides information to the server where our site runs. These are stored in a log that contains common information about your interaction with our site. On the contrary, cookies are stored in your browser, which serve to improve your access to our site. You can give your browser instructions on how to save, block, or delete them. Changes to their settings may affect your access to some features of our site.


If you have any questions regarding the terms of service and our privacy policy, please contact us.

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