optimizing what is possible

  • providing professional consultations
  • doing surveys, searches and analyzes
  • finding suitable strategies and solutions

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building brands with joy

  • development of communication concepts for projects
  • development of company and project names
  • checking of free domains
  • building personas and characters
  • development of messages and slogans
  • creating sets of visual elements
  • preparing comprehensive brand manuals

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focusing on design quality

  • creation of logos, signs, pictograms and signs
  • we focus on typography and layout
  • developing graphic manuals
  • redesign of unsuitable logos and brands
  • designing websites and online presentations
  • designing banners and simple animations
  • we design printed matter, books, magazines, posters, flyers
  • dealing with packaging, t-shirts, stickers and badges

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making information visible

  • we offer useful graphics service packages
  • preparing graphics for print and online media
  • web and social network management
  • testing and evaluating of online campaigns
  • designing and producing small series of products

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we are attracted to unique things

In small quantities or from one piece we produce:

  • business cards, labels, vignettes and cards
  • black and white and color brochures
  • colorful flyers and posters
  • envelopes and puzzles
  • boxes and cases of cardboard and paperboard
  • t-shirts, badges
  • stickers and magnets
  • stickers for interiors, exteriors and vehicles
  • simple 3D models

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