Our package catalog is designed for fast and professional processing of your texts and graphics into a representative catalog. Your products and services deserve only quality graphics and printing.

you get a representative catalog ready for the highest quality printing

Package contents:

  • 3 proposals, consultations
  • preparation and modification of documents
  • editing up to 32 A4 pages
  • 3 corrections
  • print and screen PDF, license
  • within 15 working days

Price does not include:

  • texts, illustrations and photographs
  • proofreading
  • translations into other languages
After payment, we will send you an invoice and a form by email, in which you will provide the information needed to process your catalog and send it back to us. We will contact you and consult the details. We will prepare three designs of the graphic form of the catalog for you. During the consultation, we will get acquainted with your choice and any comments. Then send us complete and appropriately marked text and image materials. After checking them, we will edit the texts, photos and graphics for the needs of the catalog and wrap them in the created template. We will resolve your comments in three corrections, eliminate errors, enter your language corrections and adjust the details. (Any further corrections, increase in the number of pages or other changes of a larger scale will be charged in addition at the rates from our price list.) After agreeing on the final form of the break, we will export PDF documents for printing or online presentation of the catalog. We will provide you with a non-exclusive license to use the catalog graphics for a period of 5 years in both online and offline environments without territorial restrictions. (Possible extension of the license is possible by mutual agreement and payment of the set price.)




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