brand complete

Complete brand is suitable for the most demanding projects. We will help you find the name, slogan, brand and visual elements along with the communication strategy, instructions and manuals for deploying the brand.

you will get a quality brand and comprehensive instructions for its implementation

Package contents:

  • unlimited consultations
  • research, market research, analysis
  • 3 names, 3 brands, 3 slogans
  • 3 corrections
  • brand, manuals, license
  • within 30 working days
After payment, we will send you an invoice and a form by email, in which you will provide the information needed to design your brand and send it back to us. We will contact you, consult the details and agree on the progress of the work. Subsequently, we will do a search, market research and analysis, and within ten days we will deliver three suggestions of names, slogans and brand concepts by email. We will get acquainted with your selection and any comments. For the selected concept, we will deliver proposals for three variants of the brand with their basic description and explanation within the next ten. In the three subsequent corrections, we can gradually fine-tune the shape, color, font and overall concept of the brand. (Any additional corrections will be charged in addition to the hourly rates from our price list.) After approving the final form of the brand, we will prepare manuals for the use of the brand in various media within ten days and provide them to you for inspection. (Brand manuals contain the concept, description, communication strategy, names, slogans, brand constructions, determination of color, fonts, visual and communication elements and rules of their use. Any extensions of brand manuals are possible by mutual agreement and additional payment.) We will incorporate your comments into the manuals and send you a package containing your brand and brand manuals. We will provide you with a non-exclusive license to use the brand for a period of 5 years in both online and offline environments without territorial restrictions. (Possible extension of the license is possible by mutual agreement and payment of the set price.)




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