Our work is creative and the needs of clients are diverse. Therefore, we usually set prices according to the scope and economic benefit of the project. We would like to meet your needs and offer you indicative information about some of our prices.


The final price level can be affected by seasonal and quantity discounts, as well as a fixed 10% discount for our regular customers.


Conversely, if you need express delivery, weekend work, an exclusive license, and the like, the final price may increase by a surcharge.


The amount of the final price, the time of delivery of a specific work, and the method of payment will be determined by mutual agreement and signing of the contract.


According to the copyright law, it is necessary to stipulate a license for the price for works in which a complete author's work is created. Its price is affected by the scope and conditions of use of the work agreed in it.


Unless otherwise stated or agreed, work usually begins after the payment of a deposit of 50% of the agreed amount.

For more details on purchasing on our site, please read our
General terms and conditions.

Hourly rates

Hourly rates apply if the final price of the work or the time of its delivery cannot be estimated, as well as for work beyond the contractually agreed framework.

  • programmer 40 €/hour

    customizations, additions and solutions for creating a website

  • art director 35 €/hod

    proposals for artistic and communication concepts

  • consulting 30 €/hod

    professional consultancy in the field of design and visual communication

  • graphic designer 25 €/hod

    graphic designs and their implementation

  • copywriter 20 €/hod

    creation of texts for the web and social networks

  • DTP operator 15 €/hod

    work with the content of publications, preparation for printing

  • service work 10 €/hod

    preparation of documents, production

Marketing services

The development of the project should be preceded by an analysis of the current situation, a search for the necessary information and a possible market research.

  • review from 100 €

    finding information needed for project development

  • market research from 200 €

    a survey of existing products and services with a similar focus

  • analysis from 300 €

    assessment of the current state and possibilities of project development

Offline graphics

The prices below are for guidance only and may be adjusted by mutual agreement.

  • business card from 20 €

    3 proposals, 3 proofreading, printable PDF

  • advertisement A4 from 30 €

    3 proposals, 3 proofreading, printable PDF

  • flyer A4 from 40 €

    3 proposals, 3 proofreading, printable PDF

  • typography, inscription from 50 €

    3 proposals, 3 proofreading, printable PDF

  • book cover from 60 €

    3 proposals, 3 proofreading, printable PDF

  • folded leaflet A4 from 70 €

    3 proposals, 3 proofreading, printable PDF

  • poster A0 from 90 €

    3 proposals, 3 proofreading, printable PDF

  • product packaging from 100 €

    3 proposals, 3 proofreading, printable PDF

  • logo redesign from 250 €

    3 proposals, 3 proofreading, printable PDF

  • logo from 500 €

    3 designs, vector and bitmap versions for screen and print

  • design manual from 750 €

    logo, construction, color, fonts, examples of use, PDF

Graphic service packages

Order a professional logo with a license for a reasonable time and a fixed price.

Naming and branding

In practice, you will rarely need only one service. The prices below are therefore indicative only and may be adjusted by mutual agreement.

  • product names od 25 €

    min. 5 proposals, checking the availability of the SK domain

  • advertising slogans from 100 €

    min. 5 proposals

  • brand from 1000 €

    concept, brand philosophy, art elements, communication strategy

  • brand manual from 2000 €

    detailed instructions on individual aspects of the use of the brand

Brand service packages

You are starting a project or business and you want to control your costs?
We offer you brand services at fixed prices and at the optimal production time.

Editorial design and DTP

The design of a publication and its editing are two different things.

Design The design creates models, templates, graphic patterns, ie works protected by copyright law, which you can later reuse under license.

DTP (desk top publishing), or editing a printed matter, is an activity in which real texts, images, illustrations are filled into such a template.

The prices below reflect this difference.

  • table, graph from 5 €/pc

    clear representation of data

  • illustration from 10 €/pc

    artistic interpretation and supplement to the text

  • infographics from 15 €/ks

    attractive visual representation of data and their relationships

  • book design from 150 €

    book design, graphics, fonts and indd templates

  • newspaper design from 200 €

    design of newspapers, graphics, fonts and indd templates

  • magazine design from 300 €

    magazine design, graphics, fonts and indd templates

  • annual report from 400 €

    design of annual report, graphics, fonts and indd templates

  • product catalog from 500 €

    product catalog design, graphics, fonts and indd templates

Design + DTP services packages

If you need a turnkey work, use a package with design, editing, preparation for printing and a license in one.

Online graphics

The online environment and especially social networks and advertising increase the demands for regular deliveries of quality visuals. Below are the approximate prices of some of them.

  • pictograms and icons from 20 €

    design of custom pictograms and icons

  • banner from 30 €

    advertising banner design

  • e-mail from 40 €

    email graphics design

  • graphics on soc. network from 50 €

    graphic design for social networks, profile, cover, post

  • animation from 75 €

    animation of logo, text, graphics

  • online presentation from 150 €

    design of interactive presentation for web and screen, projector

  • microsite from 500 €

    design of information page of product, event, service, brand

  • website from 1000 €

    company or event website design

  • e-shop from 2000 €

    design of online presentation and sale of goods and services

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