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Type Yourselves

Exhibition: TYPE YOURSELF (2003)

Participants: Friends of Stupidesign

  • Robert Parso
  • Ana Filip Parsova
  • Milan Mikula
  • Maria Riskova
  • Vladimira Pcolova
  • Jacek Mrowczyk
  • Kuba Sowiński
  • Monika Bielak
  • Sabina Antoniszczak
  • Wojciech Kubienia
  • Wojciech Kołek

Aim of the exhibitions: to create a series of typographical works, which combined together, could create changeable sentences.

Task: to illustrate a word (or a very short sentence), which would be reflecting on the personal experience of the designer and showing their emotions (it would be best to write a word with Latin roots or an English word for better international understanding).

Technical conditions: work should be based on an experimental typography, created by the artist.

Format: all participant is given a square of 87×87 cm. Work will be printed out of plotter in this format – later on it could be divided or shorten by the designer).

Colors: black & white print.

Deadline: January 27, 2003

Opening: “Gallery Sito”, Krakow, February 8, 2003