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Robert Stupid Paršo

Robert Paršo was born in Bratislava after all good musicians had disappeared and Russians came to save us from our freedom. He is the only child of his mother; father was not very interested in them. He had always have problems with school authorities and was also fired from a pioneer fanfare troop, thanks to his inappropriate behavior.

High school in Trnava went quite smoothly and gave him a lot of time for dreaming about carrier of a car designer. He was so shameless that he began to study at the Technical university in Brno. Thanks to God and the Velvet revolution, he didn’t choose this career, so we can drive safer cars today.

In so-called “new era” after 1989, he started to travel, paint and drink more than usually. He also focused more on fine art and graphic design and even managed to pass talent exams to study at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. During school years, he started to work in a design studio SEPTEMBER and established his own brand, STUPIDesign.

Paper mask of StupidAfter the graduation, he tried to work as a copywriter and later as a designer in advertising agency Mark BBDO, as most of his colleagues. He’s got a dog whom he named Casio Alarm Chronograph Illuminator Hundred Meter Water Resist.

Shortly after that, he had lent the brand STUPIDesign to new company, established with Peter Huba and other friends. It was quite successful and in spare time and space they operated influential informal cultural space called BuryZone.

In that period Robert Paršo took a job as a teacher of graphic design preparatory course at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where he taught for five years.

He went to Egypt to think about the needed company breakdown. On the train to Budapest he felt in love with his future Romanian wife and lived with her for two years in a village house.

Shortly after divorcing her, he married again to a new wife, bought new house, new car and father three children. He now lives in Báhoň with his family, dog and cats.


curriculum vitae


portfolio (still at the old site)


MultiTalent – company
STUPIDesign – design studio
FreeDom – gallery


Poster, chairman of civic association
Council SCD, member
Trnava Poster Triennial, Preparatory Committee, member


PdF UK Bratislava, 2010 – 2011
AFAD Bratislava, courses 2000 – 2005


Drinkpeace – Drink Not War
Scrap – very amateur musical band
Milk – artistic group Cream
der Kreis – circle of artists
Childrenhauz – unique ties
HastrMan – mans underwear
Indipendej – dependencies in reaction
STUPIDesign – graphic design studio & brand
BuryZone – idearental space (co-founder)
MultiTalent – creative solutions in practice


Pecha Kucha Night, Volume 7, May 22, 2009, Žilina