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The Brand

The brand STUPIDesign origins in mid of 1990s. It was founded by Robert Paršo for personal signing of his projects at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. It become official business name on 1st of May 1998 when he started his career as a freelancer.

In the years 2000 – 2002 it was used for the Limited company as STUPIDesign s.r.o.. During that period was invented also brand Friends of STUPIDesign (shortly FoS) which was then used for non-profit projects of the studio. Limited company changed its name name to RGB s.r.o. after Robert Paršo has lefted it.

Since 2002 is the brand STUPIDesign used only for activities of Robert Paršo. In the autumn of 2011 the brand was transferred to the illegality and its use is restricted to the free creative projects. For business activities was established brand MultiTalent.

STUPIDesign sign has been replaced by  St.


Stupidesign is different, impractical and foolish attitude towards reality. It is based on the assumption that the informations that travels between people are deformed and incomplete and therefore not suitable for serious communication. Therefore in a game with symbols, signs and their meanings we look for pleasure from newly discovered particular contexts. That procedure is not very effective in visual communication used for business purposes.


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